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10 ways of thinking

TAKE CONTROL of your life
Achieve the goal of a Fulfilling Life
Self-Acceptance to Get Mental Strenght, Willpower and have Positive Stronger Relationships

TAKE CONTROL of your life. Achieve the goal of a Fulfilling Life 

Self-Acceptance to Get Mental Strenght, Willpower and have Positive Stronger Relationships.

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TAKE CONTROL  of your life. Achieve the goal  of a Fulfilling Life
Take Control of your life. Achieve the goal of a Fulfilling Life: Self-Acceptance to Get Mental Strength, Willpower and Have Positive Stronger Relationships (10 Ways of Thinking #1)


If you have the feeling of being overwhelmed by school, work, family, friends and you want to have and maintain good family and social relationships, this manual will be extremely useful for you.

How would you feel if you had the opportunity to be in control of your life? How you imagine your life would be?

Each of us has all the necessary potential to find the solutions, only when you look for them in a book, it’s like you were trying to wear clothes chosen randomly: what’d your chances to immediately find the right ones for your body at the very first sight?

In fact, you already have the solutions within you, you just have to ask yourself the right questions.

"Take control of your life: achieve the goal of a fulfilling life" will help you in this. In only just 10 chapters, with simple and plain language, this book is able to help you change your life profoundly and will guide you to discover your great potentials.

Apply these steps on every aspect of your life and you will be happier and more confident, you will have stronger relationships and you will feel comfortable with others, either at work or in the family.

10 ways of thinking, ready to put into practice immediately, with the concrete goal of a satisfying life.

The skills you will learn:

• Get to know yourself better and how to get better.

• How to control negative thoughts and reduce irritating situations

• You understand how to take real or alleged situations less seriously.

• Evaluate personal or other people's feelings and judgments correctly, forging stronger relationships.

• Use your mental strength positively: your mistakes will no longer be an obstacle but you will use them to give you momentum.

• You will feel emotionally fulfilled.

• You will develop and feed a beautiful quality, which will immediately contribute to giving you a satisfying life.

• How you can give the right weight to your thoughts and manage them with real willpower.

• How to solve complex situations by finding the best solutions

• Why self-motivation is a necessary fuel for life and how to develop it.

• You will be able to make wise decisions and to take control your life.

This practical guide is written in plain language and accessible to everyone.
"10 ways of thinking" is the key to open infinite doors or just The one, the one that will change your life.

If you've come to read this far, it means that this topic is enough interesting for you: don't hesitate!

I only tell you this: try it.

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Pills covered in the book

Here are 3 example concepts


We would all like to grow and become our best selves without disturbing the delicate balance of self-opinion, acceptance, and esteem.


Over time, though, we also find that our failures are full of blessings, that our mistakes open doors to exceptional possibilities. Our errors make us better people, even though they do not lead us to fame and wealth.


To find creative solutions, Albert Einstein said, we need to think differently than the thinking that created the original problem. To think differently, you first need to know how you feel before you can begin to master and direct your thoughts creatively.

Take Control of Your Life is a powerful, moving, and helpful book that holds the power to help readers to become happier in their lives and take control of it!

As I read Take Control of Your Life I found myself instantly captivated by the premise as well as the incredible author Tex Jerhand thanks to his exceptional literature! I knew ever since discovering Take Control of Your Life that I had to read it as the description alludes to topics that could apply to anyone’s life!

I love finding life-changing self-help books and now that I have finished Take Control of Your Life I can happily say this book is one of them as it can help anyone to grow! That is why I already recommend this book, however, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!  Read the entire review on the original site

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