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10 ways of thinking

TAKE CONTROL of your life
... while you drink a coffee. 

TAKE CONTROL of your life ... while you drink a coffee. 


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TAKE CONTROL of your life ... while you drink a coffee.
TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE …while you drink a coffee.: Test New Ideas, Transform your Habits and Awaken Decision-Making Power (10 Ways of Thinking #2)


If you find it difficult to decide for your business, test new ideas, transform your habits and take control of your professional life, then this book is for you.

Would you like a practical solution to change your limiting habits? You spend your days feeling overwhelmed by the usual routine and you looking for some extra help to get out of it? When doubts and fears beset you that limit what you may do, then I’d invite you to consider stopping for a quick coffee break and taking control of your life.

Does the circumstances and the surrounding environment lead your negative results? What can you do?

How nice it would be to find the balance for success at your work and to your private life too. Can you imagine how your life would be?

Each of us has all the potential needed to find the solutions, that's why we created a real practical manual, that will guide you to take control of your life and your business during your coffee break.

"10 ways of thinking" is the simple steps to take every day: in just 10 chapters, with simple language, this book can help you test new ideas for your business, transform your bad habits and get decide of making power.

The skills you will learn:

• Know yourself better and the key to unlock all your potentials.

• You will understand what can damage your growth path and how to organized

• Identify the best solutions by developing your decision-making power.

• Find out how and why to plan, identify, and achieve the right goals. A method to organize your goals in the short, medium and long term in order as to experience over time the actual progress your efforts are producing.

• Create new alliances and attract positive people and involve them to realize your dreams in a single and close-knit team, ready to test new ideas.

• You will know how to act when there are important decisions to make without being conditioned by your fears and how to identify the right advice that will allow you to get the desired results.

• Find out what makes you anchored in the routine and transform your habits. (routines and habits or daily routine games)

• How to dream in a programmed way that helps you take control of your life.

• Test new ideas that can transform a simple and normal change into an innovative improvement that will guarantee a progressive and positive trend, both in your business and in your life too.

• Go beyond the limits of your mind and don't procrastinate. This book will help you convert weak points into strengths, optimize your mental attitude and transform your habits, try new ideas, awaken decision-making power and take full control of your life.

Why is it useful to read this book?

To reflect and meditate on your self, of your past decisions and actions, and understand where you need to improve as a person and also to develop a successful business. (generate business ideas – what is business ideas)

Even if you’ve never read a self-help book, this practical guide, written in simple language and available to anyone, even if you are in the start-up phase with your business ideas, will guide you effectively if you implement the "10 ways of thinking", that will give you the key to open infinite doors, or just one, the one that will change your life and business for ever.

I only tell you this: try it.

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Pills covered in the book

Here are 3 example concepts


Giving time to our emotions is liberating and often provides us with information about ourselves that we previously had no access to. When we ignore feelings, they don't disappear. Instead, they get angry and express themselves in other, less healthy ways.


Unfortunately, people with high imagination who are great at inventing stuff frequently do not have good interpersonal skills or interests. I see high dissatisfaction from individuals in this group as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, who have created brilliant solutions but cannot turn them into a company. They don't know that it takes relationships to run a business.


Habits are one of the strongest enemies with which we must clash for our personal growth because they give us what we daily seek as a fundamental need: safety. Getting out of the vortex of habits merged over time will help us develop a more flexible mentality, have strong decision-making power and will free us from personal insecurities and psychological dependencies that prevent us from making ourselves progress and consequently our business.

Before I found this book I spent a lot of time feeling overwhelmed by my usual routine. I was looking for a way to get out of it. At times doubts and fears stop me from doing what I thought I was capable of achieving.

From reading this book I was provided with some guidance on how to start finding the balance for success in my life.I want to say that this book is only a tool to help you get an idea on how to reflect and meditate on yourself, your past decisions and actions and get an idea on how you can improve as a person and potentially create a better business.

The author presents "10 ways of thinking" transform bad habits and get better decision making power. the most potent thing I take away from reading this is I have the potential needed to find the solutions I need.

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