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Stop thinking how you think
Work Backwards and Produce Ideas
for your Business

Stop thinking how you think. 

Work Backwards and Produce Ideas for your Business.

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Stop thinking how you think. Work Backwards and Produce Ideas for your Business.

Can't find the key to the problem? Try changing your point of view and simply let yourself guided by the illuminating advice you will read in this book. It will amaze you at how rewarding it is to unravel the mess and come up with innovative and ingenious solutions.


Finding new opportunities and innovative solutions to problems by thinking outside the box is only for people who are aware that "the best can be improved" and that there is no problem without one or more solutions. This practical guide helps you find the solution to problems that you cannot solve with traditional logical thinking.

Initially recommended for entrepreneurs, managers, business people who, because of their role, have to overcome many problems, it proved to be really useful to anyone who wants to unravel the problem and focus on solutions rather than the problem.

In fact, whether your problem is in business, personal, or someone you want to help, it's always a real problem. Have you ever wanted to solve it but don't know where to start? Perhaps you don’t see the solution, everything is foggy and, at this moment, you only see the problem. For some it is scary, for others it is a stimulus to get involved. How do you feel? And how can you unravel the problem?

This book aims to lead you to step by step with theory and practice (short exercises) to understand the nature of the problem, to see it not only in all its angles but also inside, with x-rays, in order to have all the information needed to advance hypotheses based on complete data and then identify the real solution, the most suitable, the real stroke of genius.
So if you find it difficult to make decisions, test creative ideas, think smarter, and unravel the tangle of your professional or personal life, then this book is for you.

Do you want to understand how to reach innovative and ingenious solutions? Are you racking your brains to find solutions without coming to convincing conclusions? If you assailed by doubts and fears that limit what you could do or thrilled to get involved, then I invite you to consider reflecting on your innate potential and learn a simple method that will help you think outside the box from the schemes.

Wouldn't it be nice to see things from another point of view and find the right solutions to any problem at work, at home, with friends and find satisfaction? Can you imagine how it could improve your life when every problem you get out of it with simple but effective strokes of genius?

Each of us has all the potential to find the key to the problem independently, for this reason, we have created a real practical manual, which will guide you successfully to the solution whatever your problem is.

The skills you will learn:

•  Analyze the problem in-depth and reorganize ideas in a new and creative way.

•  Think about things with mental clarity and evaluate different perspectives.

•  Develop strategic thinking that leads to change.

•  Recognize and change unhealthy habits.

•  Eliminate negativity.

•  Take action and troubleshoot.

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…It means that the topic is interesting for you, so don't hesitate.

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Pills covered in the book

Here are 3 example concepts


To feel fantastic, our brain needs 5 percent fresh things. The idea is to introduce new actions, make new observations, to surprise your brain into your everyday life with experiences.
Multiple scientifically proven advantages: To understand more, incorporate new ideas more easily, build, invent, bounce back in solution/action mode, strengthens the mental faculties, improves, and energizes neural connections! 


This lack of knowledge is causing managers or decision-makers to stumble into mental traps that give rise to poor decisions. We can make better decisions by identifying these traps by understanding forward and backward thinking.


It has become one of the most popular ways to come up with new ideas. Collecting ideas helps you to open your thinking, thus avoiding leaving it stuck in the usual old thinking patterns. 

If you see things as unchangeable, nothing will ever change for the better. By thinking beyond the box and challenging the status quo, you can continuously consider developing your experience, product, or service. This helps you to keep growing - and can contribute to wise, forward-thinking business decisions. Greater outlook. 

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